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Benjamin Reynolds

Meet Benjamin Reynolds, a lifelong Brookville resident and graduate of BASD (’96), with a passion for education and a strong connection to the community. He is a devoted husband to Wendy (’98) and a loving father to their five children: Abbey (’20), Emma (’22), Ellis (’26), Atticus (’27) and Anna (’31). Their household is completed by two friendly golden retrievers.

Education is at the heart of Ben’s values, and he brings a unique perspective to the table with degrees in Information Technology, mathematics and anthropology along with multiple IT certifications. For the past two decades, he has been tirelessly dedicated to the field of healthcare IT. Ben’s extensive experience in this industry has equipped him with the skills to navigate complex issues, understand multiple perspectives and find innovative solutions. Currently serving as a Senior Technical Product Manager at United Healthcare, Ben plays a vital role in creating software aimed at improving health outcomes of patients. Enhancing education in Brookville aligns with his belief that improving people’s lives is the fundamental purpose of community and society.

“The education that my wife, our children and I received at Brookville gave us the opportunity to pursue lifelong learning. I want to ensure that same opportunity for exists for not only my children still in BASD but every child in the district. I’m asking for your vote this fall for school board to help continue the tradition of providing a superior education for the Brookville Area School District”

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