It’s Monday! 10/23/2023


As you can see on this (It’s a) Monday in October, JeffDems is actively working to promote Democrat Candidates from the top of the ballot to the bottom.  Fear not if you can’t read the fine print, the above ad will appear on the back cover of The October Punxsutawney Hometown that will arrive in your mailbox soon.  There are also ads that will appear in the Brookville area that feature Candidates for the Brookville School Board.  This is the result of an exceptional effort by our very capable Secretary, John Adduci, who has years of experience in marketing and sales. Working in tandem with Tammy Carulli, much of the same information has been uploaded to our Facebook page or website  (Click the link button below to find us) We should all be thankful and excited to have such talented members working to promote our candidates and values.

We did have our scheduled meet and greets last week.  Everyone who attended had a positive experience and learned about the Candidates agenda, when elected.  I am, however, disappointed in the overall attendance at these events. Time and money, both of which are in short supply, were expended here for a minimum turnout.  When I ask you to participate, that is exactly the point. If you stay home and do nothing, expect nothing to get done.

There has been some confusion about the retention vote for Judges.  There are two on the ballot.  Judge Panella is a Democrat, and it is recommended to vote YES for him.  Judge Stabile is a Republican and it is recommended to vote NO for him.  Election Day is only two weeks away and I am not being hyperbolic when I say that every vote counts.  In the School Board Elections the choice is rather stark.  You are either going to get gay bashing and book burning or responsible leadership and educational experience.  It’s your choice!

Meanwhile in Crazy Town on Earth Two, a couple of Trump’s co-defendants flipped on him and plead guilty in Georgia.  In New York, a Judge may jail Trump unless he quits attacking officials pertinent to his case.  The House of Representatives is two weeks without a Speaker.  Republicans are actually trying to blame Democrats for their inability to manage their own majority caucus.  Finally, the Middle East is set to explode into a conflagration no one wants.  To be blunt and simply put, this is a dispute over who’s God is best!  Come to think of it, that shows similarities to a good portion of our domestic disputes.  We are just not shooting at each other.

Participate, Donate, Vote.
John Huot, JeffDems Chair

Donations Accepted
The Jefferson County Democratic Committee (JeffDems) is funded through donations (we do not get funding from the state), thus we rely on the generosity of local Democrats to enable such initiatives as registering new voters and promoting candidates, especially for the upcoming State, County, & Local Elections.
One-time checks are wonderful, or better still, please consider making a recurring monthly donation, large or small:  Go to ActBlue and contribute so that your county committee can do more on your behalf. Thank you!

“Jefferson County Democratic Committee”
c/o Jane Halin, Treasurer
PO Box 266
Punxsutawney, PA 15767
or use ActBlue I just gave to Jefferson County Democratic Committee.(PA)!

October 25 or 26 – Zoom meeting.  All volunteers for election day should request an invite from John or me
October 23rd – Last day to Register to vote in November Election.
October 30th – Last day to Request a Mail-in Ballot
November 7th – Election Day
January 2nd – Petitioning starts for the Primary Election