It’s Monday! 10/30/2023

It’s Monday again and the right wing garbage keeps rolling along like sewage out of a pipe.  Maybe that’s a bad analogy but at times I feel I’m overwhelmed and don’t know what to attack first.  We have been inundated by attempts at book banning, soon to be burning.  This is being done in public schools under the guise of “keeping our children safe from pornography.”  This attracts people who have a narrow view of sex and sexuality, are not prone to accept LGBTQ, and ethnic or racial minorities.  Once the school libraries are purged, then the next step would be local public libraries whose funding is minimal and fragile at best.  Expect this slow walking attack on the First Amendment right of freedom of speech and expression to continue.  Parental rights have always been there, that has not changed.  What has changed is that a small group is trying to impose their personal values on you.  It is very important for citizens to respect the rights of their neighbors, all the while expecting the same in return.

Now you can do something about that.  There is an election next week with some very important races on the line, not the least of which would be our School Boards.  There are three School Districts listed for Jefferson County, Brockway Area, Brookville Area, and Punxsutawney Area.  It is worthy to note that School Districts are their own animal and while they draw their students from a logical geographic area, they do not follow county boundaries. For example, Punxsutawney draws students from precincts in Indiana County and DuBois draws from some precincts in Jefferson County.  We must appeal to voters throughout the entire district, and we are able to generate voter lists to do that.  What we need to do is generate a higher voter turnout to give our candidates a better chance of winning.

Increasing voter turnout will also help our County and State candidates.  A grassroots democratic movement starts with pushing local Democrats over the top.  JeffDems has contracted with Scale to Win to provide a dialer to help us contact voters. We will accept all volunteers to help.  Your personal information and phone number will not be exposed.  There will be a short script to follow, and we are only reminding people about election day and encouraging them to vote.  If enough people sign up for this, we will burn through the lists very quickly.  Please contact John Adduci ( or myself, ( to participate.  Everything should be in place by Tuesday.  You will get an email with a link to a short video training and a link to the dialer. It is all done on the computer.  I believe this is important, and I hope you do also.

Participate, Donate, Vote.
John Huot, JeffDems Chair

Donations Accepted
The Jefferson County Democratic Committee (JeffDems) is funded through donations (we do not get funding from the state), thus we rely on the generosity of local Democrats to enable such initiatives as registering new voters and promoting candidates, especially for the upcoming State, County, & Local Elections.
One-time checks are wonderful, or better still, please consider making a recurring monthly donation, large or small:  Go to ActBlue and contribute so that your county committee can do more on your behalf. Thank you!

“Jefferson County Democratic Committee”
c/o Jane Halin, Treasurer
PO Box 266
Punxsutawney, PA 15767
or use ActBlue I just gave to Jefferson County Democratic Committee.(PA)!
October 30th – Last day to Request a Mail-in Ballot
November 7th – Election Day
January 2nd – Petitioning starts for the Primary Election