It’s Monday! 11/6/2023

It is Monday.  Tomorrow is Tuesday, Election Day!  If you have a mail ballot, and it’s sitting on your table and you haven’t mailed it yet, it’s too late, don’t mail it.  There is something you can do, however, gather up all your materials, ballot and envelops, and trudge on down to your polling station.  There you can surrender your mail materials, receive a ballot, and vote normally.  If that is your situation, please vote, it is important.

 For everyone else, VOTE, it is important. 

Here is our lineup.

State Court Races

SUPREME COURT – Judge Daniel McCaffrey

SUPERIOR COURT – Attorney Jill Beck and

                                    Judge Timika Lane


SUPERIOR COURT JUDGE – Jack Panella – Vote Yes to retain.

County Races

COMMISSIONER – Jeffrey Pisarcik and

                                 John Adduci

AUDITOR – Jean Shaw

Local Races

Punxsutawney Area

BORO COUNCIL – Larry Chenoga and

                                Sharon Murray


Madge Davis-Persing

                              Lisa Gourley

                              Sally Villella

                              Cindy Taylor (for both two and four year)

Brookville Area


Benjamin Reynolds

                              Matthew Smith

                               Justin Parson

Let’s all of us do our civic duty.

Participate, Donate, Vote.

John Huot, JeffDems Chair.

Donations Accepted

The Jefferson County Democratic Committee (JeffDems) is funded through donations (we do not get funding from the state), thus we rely on the generosity of local Democrats to enable such initiatives as registering new voters and promoting candidates, especially for the upcoming State, County, & Local Elections.

 One-time checks are wonderful, or better still, please consider making a recurring monthly donation, large or small:  Go to ActBlue and contribute so that your county committee can do more on your behalf. Thank you!

“Jefferson County Democratic Committee”

c/o Jane Halin, Treasurer

PO Box 266

Punxsutawney, PA 15767

or use ActBlue I just gave to Jefferson County Democratic Committee.(PA)!


 November 7th – Election Day

January 2nd – Petitioning starts for the Primary Election