It’s Monday! 5/15/2023

Well, IT’S MONDAY! and tomorrow is Tuesday. Significantly, it is Primary Election Day. It is late in the process but two people have made themselves known as write-in candidates for Brookville Area School Board. They are Justin Parson and Ben Reynolds. Every Democrat who resides within the Brookville Area School District should consider writing in these two men. Again, if you want to run for office, your party can help promote you, but only if we know who you are.

We recently had a meet-the-candidates event in Punxsutawney. I thought that it went well. It went so well that I couldn’t tell the Republican responses from the Democratic ones. That may be due to the questions presented by the moderator being a little bland. However, I detected an undercurrent of controversy in a couple of issues. Some candidates suggested there was a possibility that we could refuse to take state and federal money because they “tell us what to do, and we don’t like it.” Of course, it would be financial suicide for the district to do that. There was also some unease around the transgender/gay issue and bathroom use. Book banning was never discussed. Now it is being reported that Punxsy School Board is going to consider banning some books. Get out there and vote for Democratic School Board Members if you want children and young adults to be free to read what they want.

If you don’t think that voting is important, please consider this. About half the counties in Pennsylvania have Republican Candidates for Commissioner who believe the 2020 election was stolen from Trump. Now consider this, County Commissioners have direct control of the County Election Board. Do you think there may be a potential for disaster in there somewhere? Again, a list of preferred candidates will appear below.

When I say, PARTICIPATE, DONATE, VOTE, it is because I believe in the principles of democracy.

John Huot, JeffDems Chairperson


State Judicial Candidates
PA Supreme Court:
Judge Debbie Kunselman
PA Superior Court (vote for two):
Atty. Jill Beck
Judge Timika Lane
PA Commonwealth Court:
Atty. Bryan Neft
County Candidates
County Commissioner (vote for two):
Jeff Pisarcik
John Adduci
County Auditor:
Jean Shaw
Punxsutawney School Board Candidates
Cindy Taylor
Sally Villella (write-in)
Lisa Gourley (write-in)
These candidates want our schools to be a safe place for children.
They have the experience to provide that with common sense.

Brookville Area School Board
Justin Parson (write-in)
Ben Reynolds (write-in)
Punxsutawny Borough Council
Sharon Murray (write-in)


May 16 – Last day for County Board of Elections to receive voted mail-in and civilian absentee ballots (by 8pm).
May 16 – Primary Election Day (polls open 7am – 8pm)
August – Watch for Demstock information!


Our list of reoccurring donors is growing. A monthly donation of $10 or $20 is painless. Go to ActBlue and contribute so JeffDems, your county committee, can do more on your behalf.
Thank you!
Jefferson County Democratic Committee
c/o Jane Halin, Treasurer
PO Box 266
Punxsutawney, PA 15767
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