It’s Monday! 5/8/2023

IT’S MONDAY! and the DOJ has gotten several Seditious Conspiracy convictions and a host of other convictions on some members of the Proud Boys, all related to the January 6th insurrection riot and attempted coup on the Capital grounds. Every day, or so it seems, some revelation of financial improprieties and questionable ethics are revealed about members of the Supreme Court. Trump’s troubles are deepening daily, as well. Just consider the New York rape trial, developments in Georgia, and Smith’s documents investigation.

I believe the Republican Party is in trouble. A lot of the pushback on the Republican side is from people who know better. A common tactic is to accuse, without merit, others of things you are either about to do or have already done. That is an attempt to normalize the behavior and moderate the ethical hit to yourself. I know I’m speaking in generalities here, but you must look at the overview of it all to see the real slippage of our democracy. We, as a nation, need to embrace the future rather than fear it! Let’s stop trying to drag the country, emotionally, socially, and religiously, back into the 17th century.

The way to accomplish this is that we must have a massive groundswell of support for candidates who support democratic values. It’s not hard to do, just make sure you vote. I say that as the Primary Election is a mere two weeks away. Even in an odd year, there are always important races and things to vote on. This year, statewide judges are up. It is important to nominate and elect Democratic judges if we want to protect voting rights and women’s health rights. County races include Commissioner and Auditor. Punxsutawney has three local candidates, Sharon Murray for Boro Council, and Sally E. Villella and Lisa Gourley for School Board, who are running write-in campaigns. Cindy Taylor is on the ballot for School Board. These candidates especially need our support. Do you realize that if we nominate and elect 3 more Democratic School Board members the Punxsy School Board will have a Democratic Majority? Quite an accomplishment. If there are any other candidates out there that I need to mention, please let me know.

Demstock 23 planning is moving right along. Jefferson County’s contribution will be to provide staffing for the event. We will need volunteers to man the ticket booth, usher campers back to their campsite, cover the basket raffle or Chinese auction, and maybe some other jobs. We will need to cover Friday evening and all-day Saturday. I know some of you have offered to help but please make yourselves known now by emailing back. You can then be invited to Demstock planning meetings and join the fun.

A list of Jefferson County preferred candidates follows here.


John Huot, JeffDems Chairperson


State Judicial Candidates
PA Supreme Court:
Judge Debbie Kunselman
PA Superior Court (vote for two):
Atty. Jill Beck
Judge Tamika Lane
PA Commonwealth Court:
Atty. Bryan Neft
County Candidates
County Commissioner (vote for two):
Jeff Pisarcik
John Adduci
County Auditor:
Jean Shaw
Punxsutawney School Board Candidates
Cindy Taylor
Sally Villella (write-in)
Lisa Gourley (write-in)
These candidates want our schools to be a safe place for children.
They have the experience to provide that with common sense.

Punxsutawny Borough Council
Sharon Murray (write-in)


May 9 – Last day to apply for a mail-in or civilian absentee ballot.
May 16 – Last day for County Board of Elections to receive voted mail-in and civilian absentee ballots (by 8pm).
May 16 – Primary Election Day (polls open 7am – 8pm)
August – Watch for Demstock information!


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Thank you!

Jefferson County Democratic Committee
c/o Jane Halin, Treasurer
PO Box 266
Punxsutawney, PA 15767
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