It’s Monday! 56/26/2023

Monday again!  My how time flies.  Another week and we are still struggling with the Trump indictment.  I suppose we are not, but Republicans are.  All this moaning and clutching of pearls, claiming that Joe Biden is weaponizing the Justice Department against Donald Trump in particular and Republicans in general.  In a word, HOGWASH!  At the beginning of the Biden Presidency, he stated that the Justice Department could investigate anything they wanted to and prosecute any crime they found.  He left in place the Trump appointed Durham probe and the Trump appointed Prosecutor in Delaware, who was investigating his own son.  Not a hint of political interference, and both probes resulted in nothing of consequence to prosecute.

Instead, we have been bombarded by a series of false equivalencies, and threats to impeach President Biden, the latest which concerns his handling of the border.  This was after the Supreme Court upheld his policies there.  Adam Schiff has been censured, basically for asking Durham some uncomfortable questions during his appearance before Congress.  Evidently, the entire plan for this Congress is retribution and revenge because the only piece of significant legislation passed so far was the debt limit bill.  Despite all the bluster and threats, this was a victory for Joe Biden and the Democrats.

Let me include an excerpt from “The Madness of Crowds.”  They are talking about a book of the same name. 

“I’ve never read it.” 

“You should.  It’s about what happens when gullibility and fear meet greed and power.”

“Nothing good?”

“You’re smarter than you look.  People will believe anything.  Doesn’t make them stupid, just desperate.”

The book they are talking about here concerns crowd mentality and psychology.   As I read this passage, I realized this is what we are contending with on a daily basis.  I have no answers, but maybe it will help us understand.

I need help with the Groundhog Festival in the Park and the Jefferson County Fair.  Hours for the Groundhog are from 10am to 5pm, July 1-8.  Thu and Fri we will go to 7pm because county candidates will be there and on the 8th we are expecting a visit from Jill Beck, candidate for PA Superior Court.  July 4th is part of the fest and I need coverage then, too.  County Fair runs from Jul 15-22.  Hours will be from 1pm to 7pm except on Sat 22nd when we will go later because of candidate visits.  I can’t make this happen without your help!  It’s easy.  You “man” the table, greet people, pass out literature, register new voters, and sell stuff if we have it.  Email back with name and phone, and days/times you can work the booth.  Thank you!

Participate, Donate, Vote.



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