It’s Monday! 6/19/2023

IT’S MONDAY! Again! I really dislike that I must point out the absurdity of Republican logic from week to week. It prevents me from discussing more positive ideas, but I feel the necessity of setting things straight. Despite claims to the contrary, this is not a political witch hunt. Was Trump in possession of Classified Documents post Presidency? YES. Were such documents stored properly in a secure manner? NO. Was Trump honest about the possession of such documents? NO. Did Trump return the documents when asked to do so? NO. Was national security potentially compromised by the actions of Donald John Trump? YES. We can say with confidence, this is not a political witch hunt! Laws and procedures were violated, with intent. The Federal Government was intentionally deceived as to the existence and quantity of such documents. The unknown aspect here is who did Trump show, give or sell this classified information to? Yes, I do believe a prosecution is warranted based on the facts available. The proper thing to do is to let this play out in the courts and we will live with the outcome. I urge you to download and read the indictment. It’s not a fairytale. The facts of the case are quite striking and quite a bit of the damning information comes from Trump’s own lips.

Really though, all the defense of Trump stems not from the idea that he did not do what he is accused of, but from an attempt to create a false equivalency with Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton. How Clinton’s server and private email account equate to the intentional theft and retention of classified documents is understood. Remember this “problem” was extensively investigated at the time and nothing of consequence was discovered.

I’m still trying to figure out whether President Biden is a criminal mastermind or a babbling idiot drooling in his oatmeal, as claimed by his right-wing opponents. Well, what is it, you can’t have it both ways, so pick one or maybe just quit lying. The reality is that Joe is a competent politician with over 50 years of experience, and there has never been a hint of scandal. He has, in the past two and a half years, presided over several pieces of legislation that have made life a little easier for working-class America. Republicans have vowed to overturn such legislation if you give them the opportunity.

Let’s move on to better things. We should have an interesting week in the tent at the Groundhog Festival. We will have visits from Commissioner candidates, local candidates, and almost certainly, Superior Court Candidate, Jill Beck. We, as a County Party, are becoming more active and more relevant every year. This happens when we PARTICIPATE! We will have a presence at Jefferson County Fair again this year and we are hosting Demstock also. Visit the booths, volunteer where you can, donate to your party. It is your party, make it thrive.


John Huot, JeffDems Chairperson


$100 checks, like the one that arrived this week, are wonderful, but so are checks for $20! Send yours or go to ActBlue and contribute so JeffDems, your county committee, so we can do more on your behalf.


Thank you!

Jefferson County Democratic Committee

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July 1 – 8:  Punxsutawney Festival in the Park 

July 4:  Brockway 4th of July, Parade

July 16 – 23:  Jefferson County Fair (Brookville) 

August 11 – 13:  Demstock 23, Jefferson County Fairgrounds

Sept. 10 – 1 pm: JeffDems Picnic at Nick Gianvito’s (directions later!)