It’s Monday! 7/17/2023

Welcome Back “It’s Mondays

Democrats at Jefferson County Fair and Groundhog Festival
What is Bribery?

Hello everyone, it’s Monday again.  If you have not received, It’s Monday this past couple of weeks it’s not because we have forgotten you.  We simply have not been able to publish.  My editor, grammar corrector, and email specialist had a health emergency and has not been able to keep me on the straight and narrow, like she has done for the past 3 or 4 years.  I want to thank Carole for all she has done, wish her a speedy recovery, and hope she can participate as much as she wants to, long into the future.  However, this has left me with the job of learning how to use MailChimp.  I’m obviously not a computer genius, but I am learning.  Some areas of the email may not have the same functionality as before, but I am working on it and with a little patience we’ll get there.

The photo shows us having a good time in Barclay Square at the Groundhog Festival.  We hosted Jill Beck, Superior Court Candidate, and she walked the grounds greeting voters in what I think was a successful visit.  Several other candidates visited us throughout the week.  Those included Jeff Pisarcik and John Adduci, County Commissioner Candidates, and Jean Shaw, Candidate for Auditor.  School Board Candidates Lisa Gourley and Cindy Taylor also visited.  This is the work that we do, promoting our candidates and our Party, making everything visible and accessible.
Continuing our work, we have set up a booth at the Jefferson County Fair and will be there all week with a visit by Judicial Candidates Saturday late afternoon early evening.  If any Democrat would like to spend a little time in the booth, come on out and join the fun.  This is important work we do, please help.

Bribe. To influence the conduct or judgement of someone with offers of money or favor.  Simple concept, right!  Not so fast.  Over time, and specifically since the “Citizens United” decision, individuals in Congress have been able to accept money from individuals, lobbyists, corporations, and Political Action Committees, without fear of scrutiny or allegations of impropriety.  They are just doing their jobs, or so they say.  In fact, fund raising has become the most important job that Senators and Congress men and women do, and it takes up a significant portion of their time.  When these corporations or fat cats pour their money into campaigns and PACs, they don’t do it out of the goodness of their hearts, they expect to get something out of it.

I am not accusing anyone in Congress of accepting bribes.  What they do is perfectly legal according to the laws and regulations in place currently.  What I am saying is that when donors get what they want legislatively, 95% of the time, despite public opinion to the contrary, there is a perception of wrongdoing.  Review the definition of bribery, then ask yourself why one political party seems to prefer property rights over the rights of people and workers.  When you receive your daily emails and texts from your Democratic Representatives, asking you for 5 or 10 dollars, they are not trying to annoy you, but they are trying to stay away from high dollar sponsors, and the expectations that come with that.  So, only give what you can, when you can, and vote in every election.

Participate, Donate, Vote.
John Huot
Jefferson County Chair.