It’s Monday! 7/31/2023

It is Monday again!  The Festivals and Fairs are completed for another year.  We had a presence and had candidates attend.  It seems though, that voters are not as engaged or as interested as they were last year.  Are people just waiting for the Presidential run in 2024?  We have important things happening right now, this year.  Four Judicial races with impact on Pennsylvania’s Statewide Courts are happening now.  If we want to maintain or improve a Democratic mix on these courts, then we must get out and vote.  There is also a Democratic Justice on a retention vote this fall.   At the County level, Commissioner races are happening across the Commonwealth.  Important because Commissioners control the County Election Board.  In Punxsutawney, there are Democrats on the ballot for School Board and Boro Council.  If you don’t want your local school curriculum and library to have a rubber stamp on the door to say, “DeSantis Approved,” then you must engage and participate.

Demstock is coming up in just 11 short days.  I would like to see as many Jefferson County Democrats there as possible.  We are the host County, so makes me proud.  Check our website, I believe there is an ActBlue link to Demstock to purchase a ticket.  Tickets are good for Fri and Sat and include a seat at the Dinner with speakers.  It is a fun event, and you can get an early look at some Candidates for 2024.  I am going to call a meeting by zoom on Wednesday for 7pm.  If anyone who is volunteering or wants to volunteer for the event and does not get a link for the meeting, email and we will send you one.  I hope to have our duties nailed down and then we can schedule.  You will be attending the event so we want to keep shifts short so you can enjoy the event.

Participate, Donate, Vote.


Demstock Information and tickets can be found at