It’s Monday 8/14/2023

Well, It’s Monday again and I am thankful for the break. It was Demstock weekend and what a whirlwind for Jefferson County Democrats. Volunteers worked Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday to ensure that everyone had an enjoyable time. I need to stop right here and thank every JeffDem and Indivisible Mayday volunteer for their help in setting up, operating, and cleaning up afterwards. If you were a volunteer, whatever you did, how great or small, was appreciated by this chair and the entire Demstock Committee. Our duties in a large part were undefined and we covered everything well. Thank you all and I hope you all enjoyed the event.

To start off the weekend, our own candidate for the School Board, Lisa Gourley, was awarded $500.00 through the Cash for Candidates event. The event is a Trivia night complete with pizza and wings during which local Democratic Candidates, who are nominated by their County Committees, are awarded stipends to help them with their campaigns. I am proud to report that Lisa had the highest point total of all the candidates in the vetting process. That is one of the goals of Demstock, to support down-ballot candidates in their quest to participate in the Democratic Process.

Saturday morning started with the Commissioners Breakfast. This is an event funded and staffed by currently serving County Commissioners andCommissioner Candidates. It is a fun event that promotes this group of men and women who are elected representatives, but who generally do their work under the scrutiny of the general political sphere. It is time that we begin to understand their importance in the administration of County Government. Because, well, they are the County Government, responsible for budgeting virtually everything the County does.

For the balance of morning and afternoon, attendees were free to roam the grounds where there were food and beverage vendors, live entertainment and the Jefferson County Historical Society hosting tours of the Songer Family Historical exhibit. The exhibit hall attracted a lot of attention with all sorts of county displays, candidate tables, and advocacy groups. Highlight of the afternoon was the Soap box event, where anyone could have their say and any idea could be voiced. Several potential 2024 candidates were heard from.

The day finished out with a catered dinner event and several speakers. We heard from State Chair, Senator Sharif Street; Senator, John Fetterman; SupremeCourt Candidate, Judge Daniel McCaffrey; Superior Court Candidate, Timika Lane; Commonwealth Court Candidate, Judge Matt Wolf; and Representative Malcolm Kenyatta. Unfortunate circumstances prevented the appearance of Senator Bob Casey and Superior Court Candidate, Atty. Jill Beck. All these Speakers, almost in unison, talked about the importance of preservation of individual rights and how the judiciary is essential to that happening. Approximately 400 Democrats participated throughout the event. The 2024 Demstock will be hosted by Butler County. Watch for Details and plan to attend. It will be bigger, better, and more important than ever.

Participate, Donate, Vote
John Huot,
Jefferson County Chair

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Sept. 10 – 1 pm: JeffDems Picnic at Nick Gianvito’s (directions later!)