It’s Monday 8/28/2023

Monday is here again.  I must confess, there was no time wasted in my household watching the Republican Debate.  I didn’t want to get sick to my stomach or throw a shoe at the TV.  I did know, though, that there would be recaps galore later that evening and the following day.  I was not disappointed in either the quantity of material presented or the content of such material.  The Republican message has gone unchanged, and it lies in a pool of fantasy that rivals a portion of the Disney Magic Kingdom!  You know, the disastrous Biden economy that boasts a horrible 3.4% unemployment rate.  Wages are up inflation is down and on the wane.  Billions are being spent on infrastructure projects around the country, but somehow that is bad.  I don’t get it, do you?

Instead, we are hearing about national abortion bans, purging universities of liberal professors and WOKE ideology, banning books, and ‘fixing’ Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid by cutting benefits and raising the age threshold for full benefits to at least 70.  They also want to eliminate the ability of these agencies to negotiate lower drug prices.  How does any of this make life better for the American working class? 

Capping off the evening, all but two on the stage, Asa Hutchinson and Chris Christie, who has a whole set of his own baggage to contend with, stated that they would support and vote for Donald Trump should he become the nominee.  This support extends to pardoning him should they be elected.  What has become of the Republican Party?  Gone are the days of support for law and order, and promotion of a strong military.  Usher in the new age of support for traitorous and felonious behavior and a desire for fascistic authoritarian governance.

We can still vote.  The outcomes here are in our hands.  We cannot wait for the Courts to resolve this for us.  Voters must rise, engage, and vote in numbers never seen before and reject this message.  When they are not in office, they cannot codify their agenda.  Do you want Democracy, or do you want Autocratic Dictatorship?  A simple choice.  This is not just how you vote, but just as important, whether you vote, and if you do or do not cause at least two other voters who would not have voted to vote.  It is the work we need to do, and if we are not doing this, we need to start.  The 2023 elections are as important as 2024.  We are going to put people in office this year who may have an impact on election challenges next year.  The fight to preserve democracy is not a one and done, it is a constant battle that extends back to the origins of our nation.

Participate, Donate, Vote. John

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