It’s Monday 8/7/2023

It’s Monday again and I believe we are back on track, for now.  I really want to lean into the Trump Indictment and the fallout from that, but we have Demstock this weekend and I would rather discuss that.  Please pay attention to the Republican response and think about what they are actually doing. The party of Back the Blue and reverence for the Constitution and the Rule of Law seems to no longer exist.  Instead, they are trashing the Judiciary and the Justice Department for attempting to hold him accountable for his own actions and words.  We will hear more of this at a later time.

We have an election coming up in three months and the time will pass quickly.  This is what makes Demstock so important!  Jefferson County has the unique opportunity of hosting this event in 2023, an odd year election that has statewide judicial races as well as county and local positions up for grabs.  That gives Jefferson County Democrats a unique opportunity to meet and greet these candidates, and some 2024 candidates as well.  You may be able to have someone on one conversation, discuss what is important to them and you, and have conversations about policy positions.  Your $25 ticket also gets you a Friday night Cash 4 Candidates trivia night event with Pizza and Mountain Pies.  Saturday morning brings the Commissioner’s Breakfast, hosted, and prepared by actively serving Commissioners as well as Candidate Commissioners.  The main event is Saturday starting around 11AM with vendors and advocacy groups, live musical entertainment, The Jefferson County History Center, cookie sales, a basket auction, concessions, and ice cream booth, and much more.  This will be topped off at 5PM with a catered dinner and a full slate of speakers.  After dinner there will be a dance atmosphere with a DJ in the pavilion.  For an additional charge, camping is available. Go to for more information and to purchase tickets.  Make Jefferson County proud, show up in force.

We need to encourage voters to sign up for a mail-in ballot, especially occasional voters.  Once people have a ballot in hand it is 50% more likely that they will execute that ballot than if they had to go to the polls.  More later.

Participate, Donate, Vote.


Donations Accepted$100 checks, like the one that arrived this week, are wonderful, but so are checks for $20! Send yours or go to ActBlue and contribute so JeffDems, your county committee, so we can do more on your behalf. 
Thank you!

Jefferson County Democratic Committee
c/o Jane Halin, Treasurer
PO Box 266
Punxsutawney, PA 15767

or use ActBlue I just gave to Jefferson County Democratic Committee.(PA)!
August 11: Demstock 3PM-7PM, Jefferson County Fairgrounds
August 12: Demstock 7AM – 11PM, Jefferson County Fairgrounds
August 13: Demstock Campers pull out. Fairground Cleanup.

Sept. 10 – 1 pm: JeffDems Picnic at Nick Gianvito’s (directions later!)