It’s Monday! 9/11/2023

Monday has come again.  There have been a few things bouncing around that may need to be addressed, again!  One of those is that President Biden is too old.  Polls continually ask that question in one form or another of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents.  They ask the same question about Trump.  The responses about Biden across all three groups generally have a 60-40 split with the 60% saying he is too old.  The responses about Trump were remarkably similar from Democrats and Independents, about a 60-40 split.  However, when Republicans are asked if Trump is too old, only about 20% think so.  I think this is our problem with Trumpers in a nutshell.  To them, he can do no wrong.  There is a fantasized version of Trump that is almost messianic in nature.  The question that is almost never asked is, if it were Biden vs. Trump on the ballot, who would you vote for?

I believe that when the reality of indictment on 92 counts starts to hit home in the courtroom, the star will start to dim.  So far, Judges and Juries are not falling for the BS and doublespeak.  Motions are being denied and justice is slowly forging forward.  There is a movement to declare Trump ineligible and remove him from the ballot using the 14th amendment.  I personally do not think this would be good.  It would only happen in a few states and would light a dangerous fire under the people who believe 2020 was stolen from Trump.

There is a stark contrast in the political world and the fight isn’t Joe Biden vs. Donald Trump or Liberals vs. Conservatives.  It is a battle between those of us who want to preserve democracy with fairness and equality for all citizens, and those of us who do not.  It’s that simple.  The outcome of this battle is ultimately in the hands of the voters.  No matter what happens in the courts, until the electorate rejects this antidemocratic movement and throws them out of office, they will continue to chip away at our freedom.  I encourage everyone to follow this link.
Read the article and begin to understand just how bought the Republican Party is and how soulless the energy industry is. Money is the only motivator.  You may have to copy and paste the link into the address line of your browser, but it is worth the effort, and a bit scary.  It should give you motivation to encourage others to vote, the air you breathe is at stake here.

Yesterday was the Annual Jefferson County Democratic Picnic.  As you can see, we had a fair turnout.  It was a potluck dinner, and the food was varied and plentiful.  When we have events like this, please do not hesitate to participate.  These are great ways to meet new friends and become more involved with your Democratic Party.  There is always room for you, please join in.

Participate, Donate, Vote.
John Huot, Chair

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