It’s Monday! 9/25/2023

It’s Monday, and we have come full circle to another week.  There is a lot happening in the news, not all of it favorable. Senator Menendez of New Jersey, and his wife, have been indicted on Federal Corruption charges.  I will not say that the senator is innocent or guilty, the justice system will handle that.  What we do know is that the good Senator has had experience with similar charges in the past.  I guess the point is that we don’t live in a perfect world and these kinds of problems pop up for both sides. 

The Republican led House is a disastrous side show that is poised to do vast economic damage to the nation via a governmental shutdown while wasting their time trying to impeach President Biden basically in retaliation for Trump being impeached.  A single Senator, Tommy Tele Tubbie, is harming Military readiness and National Security by holding up top level promotions and assignments.  In addition, there is a small core (of Republicans) who are against aid to Ukraine and are pro Putin.  That is exactly 180 degrees from where US Foreign Policy has been since 1947.  Yes, we did support Russia’s very brief experiment with democracy after the breakup of the Soviet Union, but we should understand by now that Putin is nothing more than a reincarnation of Josef Stalin.

Amidst all this and more, and although we all realize how important this national/international stuff is, it is basically a distraction from our job as a local party.  There is an old saying that all politics are local.  There is something to that. If you are successful locally, it is most likely that success will follow up the ladder to County, to state and to national elections.  Of course, we need to put in the effort, but the payoff can be huge.  In five weeks, we can have the biggest impact on local politics that we have been able to muster in quite some time.  Our School Board Races for Punxsutawney Area and Brookville Area have several qualified Democrats on the ballot.  We just need to work together and GOTV. 

In Brookville, Justin Parson, Benjamin Reynolds, and Matthew Smith are on the ballot as Democrats.  In Punxsutawney, Cindy Taylor, Lisa Gourley, Sally E. Villella, and Madge Davis-Persing are on the ballot as Democrats.  All these Candidates deserve our support and will appreciate your vote.  We want to preserve freedom of speech and expression. There will be no banning of books.  Parental rights will be preserved on an individual basis.  Schools will be a safe space for children and teachers. Fiscal responsibility will prevail.  We can do this with your help.

Participate, Donate, Vote,
John Huot, JeffDems Chair

Donations Accepted
The Jefferson County Democratic Committee (JeffDems) is funded through donations (we do not get funding from the state), thus we rely on the generosity of local Democrats to enable such initiatives as registering new voters and promoting candidates, especially for the upcoming State, County, & Local Elections.
One-time checks are wonderful, or better still, please consider making a recurring monthly donation, large or small:  Go to ActBlue and contribute so that your county committee can do more on your behalf. Thank you!

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October 23rd – Last day to Register to vote in November Election.
October 30th – Last day to Request a Mail-in Ballot
Meet and Greet events will be scheduled for both Punxsutawney and Brookville in the near future to promote local municipal and school board candidates.
November 7th – Election Day