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Justin Parson

“My name is Justin Parson. I’m a veteran teacher with 18 years of experience in two school districts. I’ve negotiated pro-teacher contracts as a member of the Brookville Area Education Association. I was a founding member of an artistic outreach program called CREATE Brookville that brought color and fun to the families in the area.” 

“I grew up in a small town in Clarion County. I went to college in Central Florida and majored in Youth Ministry, along with Bible and Greek studies.

My major changed to English, but my love of ancient language has always been kept alive by teaching The Iliad. I got married and we had our first child. After 4 years working in Mental Health as a TSS in Venango County in a classroom, I discovered that youth ministry and education weren’t that far removed from each other. I enrolled at Clarion University in Secondary English Education and finished my student teaching, just as we discovered that we were pregnant with twins.” 

“My family moved to this area so I could work for Brookville Area School District. My first school year was delayed by a strike, which showed me the importance of a strong union. The union supported us while the strike endured. But it wasn’t all positive. I saw School Board members antagonizing and picketing against the very teachers they were elected to support, and I felt powerless and that I had made the wrong decision. But now I see a District rejuvenated by positive and creative leadership, a thriving faculty pouring themselves into our students, and an era in Brookville sports unprecedented in history.”

“I believe that students should be the primary focus of any school board. The decisions that are made around those tables impact the future of our area and our nation. Those are not decisions that should be made without carefully weighing the impact on the economy, the family structure, and the physical, emotional, and psychological health of our students.”

“I also believe that a seat on the School Board should be conducted without personal bias, and only in consideration of the most good for the most people. My experience being seated on a variety of boards throughout the area, from creative and artistic ventures to political campaigns, will be a benefit.”

“As a Senior High English teacher with 18 years of experience, I love incorporating technology into my classroom lessons. As a district, I believe building 21st Century skills helps to prepare students for jobs that don’t even exist yet. Students have to be creative, empathetic, and resilient – not just smart. I would love to bring that perspective to the Brookville Area School Board.”

“Students are struggling with extremely diverse problems throughout school districts nationwide. Teachers, administrators, secretaries, school nurses, custodians – these people are on the front line when it comes to caring for our children. They often spend more time with our kids throughout the day than we do. It’s not just extensive lesson planning that they do. They watch out for signs of serious problems – from needing glasses to needing mental or emotional health intervention. The support school employees deserve and the support they receive are often two very different things. I have the benefit of seeing a few school districts in action and that experience can strengthen Brookville.”

“I’m asking for your support this November. My experience being seated on a variety of boards can streamline discussion and improve community engagement. Teaching for 18 years has given me a unique window into the world of both students and faculty. My experience in Mental Health helps me consider issues from all angles, not just the prevalent one. Please consider casting your vote for Justin Parson for Brookville Area School Board. Together, we can continue investing in our area by investing in our teachers, our students, and our families.”

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